Lanka Links was formed in 1992, and during this time, the company’s main activity was in the Infrastructure construction industry, acting as a local agent, representing a few international construction companies. In mid 1997, Lanka Links diversified into serving the telecommunication and power industries with infrastructure, and was later incorporated as Lanka Links Holdings (Private) Limited in 1998.

Lanka Links has been actively serving leading local telecom operators, both private and Government, as well as other companies engaged in internet/datacom services and turnkey projects in Sri Lanka. Lanka links has also been involved in supplying telecom infrastructure to the Sri Lanka Defence forces. The company is proud to represent several significant International manufacturers of power and telecom equipment.

In mid 2010, Lanka Links chartered new waters, and ventured into the industry of digital signage. In this short space of time, Lanka Links has achieved success in introducing pioneering digital signage solutions in the hospitality, banking and retail sectors in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Lanka Links Holdings (Private ) Limited is passionate about what it does and stands by its mission statement :

” To be at the forefront of innovative technology in Sri Lanka, and provide dynamic, value adding solutions to local companies”