Media Player


2-spinetixThe HMP100 is the unique alternative to proprietary, PC based solutions for digital signage. With the HMP100, Spinetix offers a new and simplified way to schedule, combine, update, stream and display content, whether it be audio, video, vector graphics, pictures, or text. The HMP100 allows for simple and cost effective implementations for applications as wide-ranging as advertising, trasportation, hospitality, finace and live events.

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HMP 200

HMP200_frontThe HMP200 Hyper Media Player is a Full HD, High-end digital signage device. Zero config technology and compact size allow for quick installation. Set-and leave: Non-PC based, no moving parts and no maintenance.

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Users are different, so are their needs. Each person has unique skills and experience, and three varieties of Elementi can exactly match these. Nevertheless, they all will save your time, reduce your costs, and make digital signage creations easy and enjoyable.

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2016-08-23_13-58-07Using a standard web browser and the simplicity of Fusion, customers are able to create stunning results within minutes and without training. Discover Fusion-powered solutions.

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